experiencing the new

experiencing the new

experiencing the newexperiencing the new

experiencing the new

experiencing the new

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great Saturday.  I am spending mine being lazy, probably making a Trader Joe’s run (one of my fav places), and thinking back on an exciting/crazy week in my new city.  

A big move can be one of the scariest and unnerving life moments.  You are thrown into a new place with completely new experiences that can be so overwhelming.  In this one week alone, I have moved into an apartment, started my job, and met a lot of colleagues.  These new changes could be terrifying, but they were actually really amazing.  I love my little apartment, my job is already so rewarding and fun,  and literally every person I have met has been so unbelievably welcoming and accommodating.  

All this to say: it can be so easy to be afraid, scared, and overwhelmed about the uncertainty that new experiences bring into your life.  Honestly, you would be crazy if it did not terrify you a little, but if you embrace the “new” and put yourself out there, you’ll find that the outcome is SO rewarding. Okay, done with my motivational spill now. 🙂

Speaking of new… I am obsessed with this top and skirt I purchased last weekend.  You have probably already seen me blow up instagram with this look, but it is honestly one of my favorite recent purchases.  I love that the ruffles take a basic top and turn it into a statement.  Also, if you follow my #ootds on Instagram, you probably know I love a good denim skirt.  The embroidery on this one is so cute and can easily be transitioned into fall with the right pair of over the knee boots. I bought this one in store and could not find the exact one online, but I linked several that are so similar and just as cute! I paired this outfit with some blush pink loafers that go with everything!

Here’s to having a great weekend and an exciting upcoming week.  Hope all of you experience something fun and new!

P.S I brought my poodle, Emmie, along on this shoot, but she was not a fan of the blogging life… Wishing she was in TX with me!




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