at home teeth whitening system


I am a coffee addict.  If you know me, that statement comes as no surprise.  I have to have at least one cup a day or I get severe headaches.  Not good I know, but I just can’t live without it.  With that being said, my morning coffees have left my teeth stained.  I have always been a little self conscious about it, but never found a whitening process that I loved, or that wasn’t crazy expensive. 

at home teeth whitening system

When Smile Brilliant reached out, I was so excited!  I had heard so many great things about their at home teeth whitening system and was dying to try it.  After a few weeks of trying this product out, I am happy to say it exceeded my expectations.  

Here is how the process went: 

at home teeth whitening system

I answered a few questions about my teeth, then smile brilliant sent me a package with literally everything I needed to start whitening.  I had to make a mold of my teeth to send back to them, so they could create the custom fitted whitening trays.  I loved that Smile Brilliant had the shipping label ready to go.  I only had drop it in the mail! I received my whitening trays within a week and started the whitening process.  I literally saw results within two days.  My coffee stained teeth were so much brighter and WHITER!  It was amazing! 

at home teeth whitening system

Check out my before and after photos:

at home teeth whitening system

All in all, I am so happy with my results!  I definitely recommend Smile Brilliant if you want real and quick whitening results.  I feel so much more confident when I smile, and I no longer feel bad about my daily cups of coffee.  

at home teeth whitening system

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