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Confession: I used to lay in a tanning bed almost every day in high school, and I loved it…

Looking back now, I know how dumb my teenage self was for putting my skin under UV lights.  In college, I discovered spray tans and my life changed.  There is just something about a spray tan that makes you feel airbrushed and flawless!  While I don’t mind splurging on a spray tan for big events,  that expense adds up.  I’ve been trying out lots of self tanning products that are cost efficient and have rounded up my favorites (and one least favorite).  I have also learned a few tips to make the application of the tanner look great!


self tanner favorites

  1. St. Moriz: This self tanner is the most recent product I have tried and I LOVE it!  I got the lotion in dark.  I highly recommend using an applicator mitt with this product to avoid streaks and orange hands.  Best part?  After you let the product set for 4-6 hours (I usually apply before bed), you can SHOWER (aka you will not smell like self tanner) to wash off the excess bronzer.  This product applies so evenly and looks great!  After doing some research, I learned that St. Moriz is actually the less expensive version of St. Tropez.  I was weary about getting the dark color, but after using it, I highly recommend it for most skin tones.  Shop this product at Target!
  2. Tanceuticals: I tried this self tanner in a mousse format and loved how it applied!  I highly recommend using an applicator mitt with this product as well.  In my opinion, this product does not last as long as St. Moriz, but it gives you great color that shows up almost instantly.
  3. St. Tropez: A lot of you mentioned that St. Tropez is one of your favorites, specifically the mousse.  I have yet to try this product, but it is next on my list.  After some research, I learned that St. Moriz is actually the less expensive version of St. Tropez, so I plan on comparing the two (maybe another blog post?).   I have, however, used their Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion.  The idea of using a self tanner (almost like a body wash) in the shower seemed so easy and simple.  I WAS WRONG.  The application of the product is pretty easy, but after you apply it, you have to stand there soaking wet and wait for three minutes for the lotion to dry (aka you’re freezing for what feels like a lifetime).  Also, this product gives you a very gradual tan, so I don’t recommend for those that are looking for quick results.
  4. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs:  Y’all this product saved my life when I was on the dance team and did not have time to get a spray tan.  It is made for your legs, but occasionally I would use it on my arms or chest too.  You spray this product on and see results instantly.  Just make sure you rub it in everywhere to avoid streaks!
  5. Coola Gradual Face Tan Serum: The idea of using a self tanner on my face used to terrify me.  I love this product because you apply it like a serum and it gradually builds a subtle glow.  I will sometimes add it to my night time moisturizer and apply it before bed.  They also make a Gradual Tan Dry Body Oil.  I used this a few times, but because it is a spray mist, it is a little messy to apply.  I noticed color the next day though!


self tanner favorites

  1. Exfoliate: Honestly, there are days when I just don’t have enough time to follow through with this step, but it is important!  I love this body scrub by Soap and Glory.  It has oats, sugar, and shea in it.  Plus it smells amazing!  Make sure to apply on the rough parts of your skin such as your elbows and knees.
  2. Shower and Shave: I do this before every spray tan and self tanning application, so I won’t be left feeling gross.  I definitely recommend shaving before you put on any sort of tanner because shaving afterwards may remove the tan.
  3. Applicator Mitt: Y’all this one is important!!  If a mitt is recommend for your self tanner, definitely pay a little extra because it is worth it.  It never fails that I miss a spot if I do not use one.  A mitt also helps prevent streaking as well.

self tanner favorites



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