leopard print how to


leopard print how to

It’s no secret that leopard print is the print of the season! Its one of those prints that can go with just about anything (its a neutral duh) and of done right, it can look so chic! I have always loved leopard, but here lately my obsession has grown even more. There are SO many cute pieces out this season.

leopard print how to

While it is a hot trend for this season, if worn wrong it looks like a hot mess… here are a few tips on how to wear leopard print for wearing leopard print:
  1. CONSIDER IT A NEUTRAL: I say this a lot and I stand by it. If you’re going to wear leopard, consider it a neutral. Mix it with fun colors! You can substitute it where you would wear black (example: leopard booties instead of black ones). Just like a true neutral, the options are endless with this print!

  2. DO NOT MIX LEOPARD PRINTS: This is one of those rules that if broken totally ruins the look. Only ONE piece of leopard should be worn at a time (unless it is a cute two piece set or edgy suit). If you are sporting leopard booties, do not wear a leopard top and vice versa. Think of it as the accent piece to your outfit to avoid looking like Tarzan.

  3. FLOWY AND CHIC: When looking at leopard clothing, I always look for a more blousy and girly type of fit. Tight fitting tops and dresses can sometimes look a little cheap in leopard print. However, if done right and layered correctly they can still look tasteful! Which brings us to the next point…

  4. LAYER: Don’t be afraid to layer with your leopard! Throw on a jacket, wrap up in a cardigan, or add a belt. The more a bold piece of leopard is broken up, the better it looks! See similar post on how to style a leopard skirt here.

leopard print how to
leopard print how to
I’ve rounded up my fav leopard staple pieces that you need in your closet for fall! Shop them below:
I cannot wait for the cooler weather so I can rock a pair of leopard booties! I’ve also had my eye on that leopard bomber jacket above.  What tips do you have on wearing leopard print?  Are you loving the trend as much as I am?




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