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5 Cozy Must Haves for Staying Home

Wow friends WHAT A WEEK. Looking back at all that has happened, it is crazy to think that at this time last week I was going to a wedding, brunching with friends, going out in Dallas etc. This week I have been social distancing, staying home for 97% of my day, and navigating my new challenge that is working from home. With all the anxiety, unknown, and craziness, I hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy! I am truly thinking about everyone during this time. No matter what your previous circumstances were, this has been an adjustment and change for EVERYONE.

After a week of staying home for almost all of my day, there are a few cozy must haves I’ve found myself getting a lot of use out of. Some of these things have recently gone on sale too which is great! I am listing and linking them all below! Just click on the picture to shop the item.

Must Haves:

  1. A cozy blanket: I totally jumped on the Barefoot Dreams bandwagon at Christmas, but they are SO GOOD. I bought myself one and my mom! Since then it has been used everyday. While they are pricey, they actually go on sale quite frequently for up to 50% off. I will definitely keep you posted every time they do. I have found one for 25% off right now. Trust me, the hype is REAL.
  2. A good candle: This really does not have to be a specific candle, just whatever you enjoy. Lately, I have been burning a Capri Blue candle in the volcano scent and oh my goodness… it is amazing. I found one on sale so I will link it here along with the size I have. Also, I have been trying out their multi surface cleaner, and it smells just as heavenly!
  3. A pair of cozy slippers: I am linking two of my favorite pairs here! The first are the Ugg slippers. I got them for Christmas and have worn them more than ever in the past week. My other favorites are from Amazon! The are super comfy and come in several colors.
  4. A comfy/cute lounge set: I have lived in nothing but sweatpants this week, and I am sure most of you have done the same. There are SO many cute lounge sets out there right now, so I am linking a couple of my favorites. I think I may do a full blog post on these!
  5. A coffee mug: My coffee intake has been next level this week, and the coffee mug I have used the most is on sale! Obviously you probably have your go to coffee mug already, but in case you need another this one is SO cute.

What have been your cozy must haves this week? I will be sharing lots of content and posts coming up since I have a lot of time on my hands these days. What do you want to see? Again, hope you are all staying safe and healthy!



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