I am a Dallas resident and an Arkansas native with strong Louisiana roots.  I am a lover of all things fashion and style!  Throughout my college years , I modeled for local boutiques, magazines, designers, and fashion shows. I was also a brand ambassador for an artistic and original t-shirt designer. These opportunities fueled my love for clothes and styling. During graduate school, I interned for a successful online magazine and blog. There, I learned that my passion for styling outfits could be shown through blogging.

I have gotten the chance to work with amazing brands such as Neutrogena, Yosi Samra, and Remington to name a few.  In addition, I have worked with lots of great online and local boutiques.

I am a firm believer that a shoe can make or break an outfit, and retail therapy can cure all. My goal is to give readers great advice in all things style while also sharing sales and attainable prices. This blog is meant to be a creative outlet where I will share my outfit inspiration while hopefully inspiring others.

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